bwDSC_0149 copy.jpeg Over two decades of experience as a Database Architect and Database Engineer with core expertize in Database Systems Architecture/Internals, Performance Engineering, Scalability, Distributed Database Systems, SQL Tuning, Index Optimization, Cloud Database Infrastructure Optimization, Disk I/O Optimization, Data Migration and Database Security. I am the founder CEO of MinervaDB Inc. and ChistaDATA Inc.

Technology Focus:

  • MySQL
  • InnoDB
  • MariaDB
  • RocksDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • ClickHouse
  • CloudSQL
  • Azure SQL
  • SQL Server
  • DBaaS(Database Systems as a Service)

Business Interests:

  • Open Source Database Systems Software and Tools
  • SaaS Platforms for Troubleshooting Database Systems Performance
  • DBaaS(Database Systems as a Service)
  • CloudSQL
  • NewSQL and Modern Database Systems Stack
  • Distributed Database Systems and Database Reliability Engineering
  • Data Security
  • Investments for Open Source Database Systems(SQL, noSQL and NewSQL) business ideas
  • DevOps. and Automation for Database Systems Production Engineering

Technical Blogs from Shiv Iyer: